What Is a Done Deal?

A Done Deal is a fully vetted and funded investment opportunity. We spend the time to perform rigorous due diligence, then commit the capital to entirely fund the deal. We believe having our own skin in the game translates to higher quality investments.

After we have committed our investment, we hold live pitch presentations inviting our members to invest by our side, at the terms we secured.

We handle the pitch presentation, allocation, documentation, transfers of funds, and reporting with our proprietary Roadshow technology.

  • High-Quality Investment Opportunities: We present the best deals we find from around the globe, fully funded by Seraph Group.
  • Anywhere Access: With our proprietary video, deck streaming, and real-time messaging capabilities, our members can participate from anywhere.
  • Secondary market: Members can buy and sell their holdings with each other, gaining liquidity for traditionally locked up investments.
  • Streamlined Process: Our Roadshow™ technology records, stores, and archives so that members can commit to invest during or after.
  • One-stop Information Portal: Members can track their portfolios,  access documentation, and keep up with company news in one convenient place.
  • Smart Information: Our talented analyst team draws on the expertise of contributing members to enrich our decision making.
  • Brilliant Community: Seraph brings together founders and investors to share knowledge and expertise.


  • 20-year investment track record
  • 150 startups funded

Membership Requirements:

  • 5-year commitment
  • Accredited investors only
  • $6,000 annual fee


How It Works


Become a member of Seraph and gain immediate access to open deals


Join live pitches to hear from founders and ask questions, or review recorded pitches and consider deals


When you find a deal you like, make a commitment and we take care of the rest


Track your open investments or gain liquidity through our peer-to-peer exchange

If you are interested in becoming a member, fill out the form below.

Member Benefits

  • Successful professional team commits thousands of hours to investigates hundreds of opportunities over a 5-year period and invest its own capital.
  • The flexibility of forming one’s portfolio construction from a selection between 20 and 50 deals.
  • The expertise of a variety of industries acquired and assembled by the investment team.
  • Fellow members’ vast knowledge and resources contribute to deal flow, diligence intelligence and portfolio management.
  • Access to national deal flow eliminates limited location challenges
  • A dedicated operation team with our proprietary Roadshow™ technology handles the administration, financial reporting, news update and portfolio monitoring.
  • Seraph’s Artificial Intelligence technology enable permission-based, targeted match between members and entrepreneurs.
  • Participation in symposium to meet face to face with entrepreneurs and fellow members.
  • Subject expert webinars on innovations, technology and investment strategy.
  • Angel investing training course