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Boom is building a prototype for a passenger plane that will be 2.6x faster than today’s passenger aircrafts.


Aarki is a full-service mobile ad platform that is redefining the way people interact with mobile ads.

ACTNano develops protective, waterproof coatings for PCB chips in automotive and consumer electronics.

AirDog is a foldable drone, designed for autonomous video shooting in action sports. The drone will follow and point the camera at the user.

Aluna developed the first FDA-approved portable spirometer, allowing Asthma and Cistic Fibrosis patients to monitor their lung health, anytime, anywhere.

AreaMetrics is a customer analytics and engagement solution for offline merchants seeking to enrich the in store and online experience.

Asankya provides solutions to companies in the rapidly growing market of cloud-based applications and streaming services.

Authoritive provides content creators a new platform to scale reach, engagement, and revenue potential.

Autio is a network of stories, told by master storytellers like Kevin Costner, Phil Jackson, and John Lithgow, with the power to bring the landscape, its people, and its history alive as you pass through it. Professionally edited and narrated, the audio vignettes combine to paint a picture you’re unlikely to get from a history book or visitor’s guide.

Ava builds automated and on-demand transcription services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Block Party filters out spam and unwanted trolls on social media networks.

Boom is building a prototype for a passenger plane that will be 2.6x faster than today's passenger aircrafts.

BringIt provides a simple, easy-to-integrate Virtual Currency Casino/Arcade. BringIt was acquired by International Game Technology.

Business Reactor is an Information as a service firm that delivers data, research and technology solutions to global corporations.

BUTTON Wallet is multi-cryptocurrency wallet that builds whitelabeled enterprise software and hosts an exchange in Telegram.

Catavolt offers hybrid cloud applications enabling enterprises to access their data from smartphones, widgets, tablets, and desktops.
exit reinvents how people interact, collaborate and discover what’s important to them.

Ciphertrace provides cryptocurrency intelligence solutions for large banks, exchanges, and governments.

CoLabs is developing the Ventor - an emergency airway and ventilation system to deliver a new standard of respiratory care.

Combinati developed a digital PCR platform with higher accuracy, quality, and rigor allowing companies to use smaller sample sizes for more accurate results.

Creative Market is a new kind of marketplace for handcrafted, mousemade design content like fonts, icons, ect.

Credible provide an independent marketplace where graduates receive personalized offers from multiple lenders to refinance student loans.

Cropsy Technologies empowers growers with ground-breaking technology to transform viticulture for people and planet.

De-Ice is developing an electric de-icing technology for use in the aerospace industry

Digital Health Department, inc. specializes in the development of affordable web-based solutions for government to digitize and streamline data.

Digbi Health harnesses gut microbiome & genetic risk signals to reverse inflammatory digestive disorders, diabetes, obesity.

Discotech is a night-life app that allows users to browse and book table service, purchase presale tickets and sign up for guestlists.

Drapr lets customers "try" clothes on online.

Eko Devices created digital health solutions to change the way doctors, nurses, researchers, and health systems care for the heart.

Elph built a secure, auditable financial ledger for companies to record multi-party transactions. Acquired by Brex.

Flywheel is transforming research productivity, collaboration, and reproducibility with a next-generation platform for imaging and machine learning in life sciences, clinical, and academic research

Glyphic Biotechnologies is pioneering a revolutionary protein sequencing process, changing the underlying engines of biomedical discovery.

GridRival offers fantasy sports for the racing obsessed.

Groopt Data empowers Member Based Organizations (MBOs) with an effective tool to manage, track and understand their data.

Hadrius automates compliance processes for regulated firms, saving up to 90%+ of time on tedious tasks.

I-5O provides Ai-enables vision systems allowing manufacturers to optimize their manual processes.

ICON Aircraft is a consumer sport plane manufacturer founded in response to dramatic regulatory changes by the FAA.

Ideaflow is creating an ecosystem for humans and machines to work together to solve the world’s most important problems – starting with a notebook that augments your intelligence.

IMVU, Inc. ( is a social entertainment company connecting users through 3D avatar-based experiences.

Invicta Medical is developing a novel neurostimulation system for the treatment of sleep apnea.

iSpionage helps companies maximize return on search investments and provide analytics to some of the best SEO’s and agencies in the business.

Jido maximized customer experiences in retail locations through the use of augmented reality.

Lemnos Labs is a startup accelerator focused on early-stage hardware companies.

Life Signals (formerly HMicro Inc.) is developing innovative solutions to business and technical needs in healthcare.

Life360 is a mobile application that connects family members and close friends.

LiteraSeed develops accessibility technology for hospitals, allowing patients to more easily communicate symptoms and issues.

The Long Term Stock Exchange is creating a public-market option for companies and investors who share a long-term vision.

Lucira Health produces inexpensive, disposable diagnostic hardware that transforms smartphones into a health-monitoring device.

Midverse is a next-generation mobile gaming platform, and solves mobile game developers' monetization and user acquisition needs.

Molecula is an enterprise feature store that simplifies, accelerates, and controls big data access powering machine-scale analytics, ML and AI.

Motivo helps semiconductor chip producers improve chip design, manufacturing yields, and more through the use of a robust, proprietary neural net.

Mpirik provides a suite of software including cloud-based automated patient screening for cardiovascular disease, patient communication, and preventative care.

Nervonik is a stealth-mode company working on new methods of neuromodulation

Neurotic Media designs and builds custom, private label music services for retailers, brand marketers, content owners and mobile operators.

Noxtrix Health is developing the next generation of wearable therapeutics - starting with a solution for Restless Leg Syndrom.

nVision is an early-stage medical device company dedicated to filling the void in female health-related innovation.

Oculogica developed the only baseline-free concussion test approved by the FDA.

Oloid provides software solutions offering facial-recognition-enabled contactless solutions for employee entry, access, and more.

MixRank is the world’s largest database of advertisers, tracking hundreds of thousands of campaigns across web and mobile channels.

OrcaBio is a clinical-stage cell therapy company developing a pipeline of proprietary technologies that have the potential to impact over 100 malignant and auto-immune diseases.

Orcanicare manufacturers and providers organic medical products intended for treating minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, infections, and cold sores.

Peerspace is a peer-to-peer marketplace for booking space for events, meetings, and productions.

People Power provides cloud-based software that enables the remote control and management of connected devices from smart phones.

Piersica develops cutting-edge next-generation battery technology that can achieve three times the energy density of existing lithium-ion batteries.

Play Labs is a new startup incubator/accelerator program for MIT-affiliated startups using playful technologies in any industry.

Polyport is a content security platform that helps teams protect content, increase visibility and securely collaborate.

Qwiki released an iPhone app that automatically turns the pictures and videos from a user’s camera roll into brief, beautiful movies to share.

Realism creates high immersion multiplayer VR lab simulations for high school and online students. Students learn many concepts in science class but almost never get to use them.

Recursive Ventures is a San Francisco based micro Seed VC fund supporting bright entrepreneurs.

SendHub is the Phone System for the Mobile World. There’s no hardware, setup is instant and it scales elastically with a single click.

Silver Tail Systems is the leading provider of predictive analytics to detect and prevent fraud and abuse on websites.

SiteJabber is a consumer protection service which helps consumers avoid fraudulent websites and find sites they will love using reviews.

Skillest is a cutting-edge interactive training platform focused on giving coaches the ability to train athletes from across the world.

SRTX is powering a better future for textiles by pioneering new materials.

Supermedium is building a space of immersive VR utilities starting with a comic book reader. From the pioneers of WebVR and creators of A-Frame (

Synova Life Sciences is developing the world's fastest fat processing system for stem cell harvesting.

Syntiant’s advanced chip solutions merge deep learning with semiconductor design to produce ultra-low-power, high performance, deep neural network processors for always-on applications in battery-powered devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers, and earbuds.

TalentBin is focused on turbo-charging talent acquisition for recruiters and hiring managers with its talent search engine.

Tristar AI helps keep track of operations on the factory floor so production never stops.

Twindom utilizes the latest 3D technology to create miniature figurines of real people, allowing anyone to share and hold their memories.

Type AI creates smart document editors that helps you write remarkably fast.

UbiQD is an advanced materials company using ubiquitous quantum dots to power product innovations in agriculture, clean energy, and security.

Venus Aero is developing a spaceplane, capable of flying at Mach 15, through innovations in engine efficiency, plane shape and design, and cooling technologies.

Victrio secures enterprises against fraud attacks that are originated, progressed or completed on the phone.

Visby developed the worlds first and only handheld, single-use PCR platform to test for COVID-19, respiratory illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases, and more.

Vouchr helps companies that move money differentiate and win digital market share by providing highly engaging, end-to-end mobile experiences that integrate with their service.

WEVO leverages human-augmented AI to help companies optimize engagement with customers and website visitors.

WiFiSLAM is developing enabling technologies for indoor location-based services.

XREX, a blockchain TradeTech company, helps merchants in emerging economies accelerate international transaction by providing SaaS that facilitate digital asset transfers, banking and trading.

Zeto developed the first true dry electrode EEG system cleared for clinical use by the FDA.




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