What is the Structured Angel Fund ™?

  • The Structured Angel Fund (SAF™) is an early-stage venture fund available to qualified investors. It invests in 20+ seed or early-stage companies, offering the investor a diversified portfolio.
  • Investors can co-invest on a deal-by-deal basis, customizing their portfolios to fit their tastes.
  • The SAF™ is convenient and efficient for entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Seraph secures quality investment opportunities through our experienced investment team, network of entrepreneurs and investors, and relationships with our peers.



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What Is Seraph Group?

Key Benefits of Joining the Structured Angel FundTM

Structured Angel Fund ™ benefits extend to our investors, our partner funds, the entrepreneurs we fund, and continue to enable meaningful participation and knowledge exchange beyond the initial investment.

Network Strengh

Seraph’s growing network of investors offer unparalleled breadth of expertise and a unified passion for helping founders to succeed.

Critical Insight

Our investors own successes and failures provide valuable insight to entrepreneurs working on their first, or even fourth startup, and are source of knowledge critical in Seraph’s portfolio selection.


Seraph’s interactive investor dashboard provides personal reporting for our investors and clarity on an often-opaque asset class.

Diversification Opportunity

A managed fund with a diversified portfolio of startups mitigates some of the risks inherent in angel investing, and Seraph’s flagship co-investment model allows its investors to increase their potential upside and exposure in opportunities and at terms that may be otherwise unobtainable to individual angels.

Knowledge Transference

Seraph hosts co-investment meetings virtually so investors and members can participate from anywhere. We meet annually for a symposium to bring together investors, advisors, portfolio company founders and CEOs to provide an space for open dialogue, investment insight, and discussion of the future

Learn More About Seraph Group

You must be an accredited investor according to the definition established by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. If you qualified and are interested, connect with us to schedule a call.