Our Model

Seraph was founded to provide individuals a platform to succeed in making venture capital investment because few financial institutions or banks offer such. Based on our many years of experience, we believe the best way for individuals to succeed is to invest money into a portfolio of 20-30 comapnies, and have the option to co-invest on a deal-by-deal basis to double down on winners.

Because finding good opportunities to invest; identifying winning businesses; negotiate good terms; and supporting companies requires

  1. access to high quality and diverse investment opportunities,
  2. significant expenditure in one’s time to sort through hundreds of proposals,
  3. the mastery of knowledge in multimple industires,
  4. familiarity and expertise in business economics and value propositions,
  5. professional understanding of legal and financial terms and conditions,
  6. know-how in exiting investments.

Seraph provides the solution to these challenges through its proprietary Structured Angel Fund (TM) where our team, supported by our extended network, have 1)built up multiple channels to access qualiy deals, 2) deep bench of technology and management expertise to evaluate opportunities. 3) broad access to a variety industriess, 4) scale and leverage to negotiate fair terms and conditions, 5) large network of relationships to support portfolio companies., 6) ample of seasoned executivefs to advise entrepreneurs, 7) brand that attracts quality co-investors, 8)valuable relationship to engineer investment exits.

Investors not only benefit from this professionally managed platform, but also have the option make deal-by-dealy investment through our live-stream co-investment meetings where CEO present and conduct Q&A. This gives investos a chance to hear directly from the management and learn from Seraph team and other investors’ comment before making an informed decision on whether to double down on ico-investing a particular opportunity.


Seraph Group’s full-time professional investment team operates alongside a diverse and experienced investor base of over 370+ global LPs.


Seraph Investors can access their fund and co-investment holdings, deal memos, semi-annual company reports, and tax filings through a personalized portal.

Independent Investing

Seraph also offers a marketplace where accredited investor can invest without being in Seraph’s Structured Angel Fund. Through our marketplace, individuals can choose to participate in live presentations/pitches and to make an investment of his or her liking. All deals offered are vetted and invested by Seraph team. Please go to marketplace to learn more.


Structured Funds

Our Structured Angel Funds provide the diversification of 20-35 companies based on each Limited Partner’s specific area of expertise.


Independent Investing

The Seraph Marketplace connects vetted investors with curated, vetted investment opportunities in early-stage, high-growth companies.

Our Vision

Bridge the Funding Gap

Career venture capitalist and founder, Tuff Yen, recognized the difficulty of angel investing and the critical gap between Pre-Seed and Series A funding. To bridge this gap and create critical connections, he founded Seraph Group. The firm invests in industry and geography-agnostic, venture-scalable companies at the seed and early stages through our Structured Angel Fund™.

Since inception in 2004, Seraph invested more than $100 million in over 120 companies. This invitation-only firm consists of 370+ successful individuals including Fortune 500 C-level executives as well as entrepreneurs, scientist, engineers, inventors, technologists, consultants and others who share a passion of investing and backing promising founders.

What Is Seraph Group?

Learn More About Seraph Group

You can check if you are accredited by going to https://www.investor.gov/introduction-investing/general-resources/news-alerts/alerts-bulletins/investor-bulletins/updated-3. If you qualify, please fill out the form below and someone will follow up promptly.