What is the Seraph Growth Equity Fund?

The Seraph Growth Equity Fund provides a unique opportunity for larger asset owners to realize the benefits of Seraph’s cost-effective model while also being able to achieve the scale associated with later stage venture capital investing.

Building on the success of Structured Angel Fund ™, the Seraph Group is raising a target $100 million growth-stage fund to focus on strategic follow-on investment opportunities.

What Is Seraph Group?

How the Seraph Growth Equity Fund Works

Utilizing the firm’s efficient investing model, the Seraph Growth Equity Fund enables pro-rata participation in later B & C rounds of Seraph’s early-stage portfolio companies.

70% of the fund

will target follow-on investments in Seraph’s existing portfolio companies

30% of the fund

will target new, later stage investment opportunities that are out of scope of the Seraph’s Structured Angel Fund’s

How Do I Participate in the Seraph Growth Equity Fund?

To discuss becoming an investor, email membership@seraphgroup.net or complete the form below and a Seraph Group professional will respond promptly.